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This melody speaks to the demonstrative and undeniable RESILIENCE of humankind! ...Food for thought, and hopefully, ENCOURAGEMENT to the soul!

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The core instrumental sound stage of RAYEWALTERmusicproduction – expanding the talent and lauded artistic skillset and musical style of international American vocalist/composer/producer Raye Walter
into all-new dimensions.

This composite hybrid live/virtual band aims to position itself as a creative wheelhouse for showcasing & featuring a roster of accomplished – and "up-and-coming" – international musicians, artists, vocalists & choralists; and others, in the field of cultural arts – via RAYEWALTERmusicproduction projects.


RAYEWALTERmusicproduction’s cornerstone digital recording workspace. This hybrid Pro Tools-/Premiere Pro-based virtual studio utilizes the very latest in innovative cutting-edge audio/video production technologies. 

got1studio comprises state-of-the-art technical resources, spanning principally all aspects of music production and video editing workloads. Outsourcing needs are minimal; making for streamlined, time-managed
and cost-effective end products. 

got1studio is owned & engineered by RAYEWALTERmusicproduction. Conceptual project collaborations and artistic partnerships are of interest, with a vision toward even more impactful musicality.  

Based in Göteborg, Sweden


Raye Walter is a music "veteran", and an international free-lance American musician – with travels and tours stretching from 
Vancouver, to Miami, to London, to Hamburg, to Stockholm, to Moscow, even to Kyiv; and far too many other sundry points in
between to ever list.

A musical child prodigy, in voice and piano; by his early teens, Raye had helped organize - and then served as pianist, musical director, and singer/songwriter for - the noteworthy "OVERBROOK SINGERS" – the first-ever gospel choral ensemble to be officially recognized AND 
sponsored, in an American public school. [Overbrook High School - Philadelphia - 1968-1971]

Fast-forwarding, Raye has spent the past 30+ years in Scandinavia – both as a solo concert artist and studio musician; although working a greater 
portion of these years primarily "behind the scenes", as a singer/songwriter, arranger, producer, vocal & choral coach/director, and allround "inspiratör".  

After an extended, multi-year music sabbatical, Raye Walter is now set to re-immerse himself in the dynamic world of music composition and production.

Raye’s first love – and for which he has been best-known – is GOSPEL CHORAL MUSIC. And - ALONGSIDE countless Gospel concerts, choir festivals, choir workshop weekends, recording collaborations and TV & radio performances – throughout the Nordic countries, since the mid-1980s – Raye 
also produced three (3) of Scandinavia's most highly-acclaimed and best-selling Gospel choir recordings, of all times!

"We Love Gospel Music"/SWEDEN "African Gospel Celebration"/FINLAND "Get Together" Oslo Gospel Choir (co-producer)/NORWAY

Raye was - and undoubtably has been - one of the key inspirational and motivational figures in the expansive Gospel choir "explosion" 
that "shook" Scandinavia – from the mid-1980s and through the 1990s! And the catalyst that kicked off this dynamic and historic period 
in Nordic choral singing was the aforementioned ground-breaking Gospel choir recording – "We Love Gospel Music"(Royal Music / 
Gothenburg, Sweden 1986). Arranged and produced by Walter.

Raye returns now, with the same drive to forge his "God-given" talents to encourage, to inspire  – through original, faith-informed 
instrumental, vocal, and choral music.

And YES, look forward to hearing more RAYE WALTER "Gospel"-inspired choral work, in the future, as well! 
Because, (in quoting the maestro, himself) ...

"The message", indeed, “makes the difference!   

PHOTO: Michael Claxton / Tokyo






"Stockholm Gospelkör Festival"

choir instructor & "inspiratör"    1988 - 1992

pori, finland

Puri Jazz Festival

guest performances   late 1980s

vig, denmark

DEN RYTMISKE HØJSKOLE (The Rhythmic College)

guest master class lecturing    early 1990s


MUSIKKLOFTET AS - Recording Studio

Like a "home away from a home"! Great music (and memories) made here! :-)

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